It’s a bumpy ride when it comes to you.
Some days smooth, other days not.
The love/hate thing is definitely getting old
But the feeling still stays like an unwanted itchy scar
It was never that deep I thought, neither was it ever that shallow.
I keep searching for the words to describe the way I feel
But nothing quite fits the bill
You make me so uneasy and self-conscious
But still I crave your attention and your looks

I want to be dead to you so I know there is nothing there
But a bitch called Hope, won’t just shut up in my head
I don’t know what I want from you, cause you have nothing to offer

I don’t know why you are still in my head
I keep trying to say goodbye but it’s like a song on repeat.

I want to be over you, truly I do

I want to look at you and feel nothing that leaves me confused

Hating you didn’t work, neither did loving you
I’ve given up on searching for techniques to get rid of you
Nothing seems to work,

I’ll just render you my unsolved puzzle,
My stand on a fence
My constant conundrum


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